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A pack of three smudges: juniper, blue sage, and white sage.

Each smudge measures 4”.

Sustainably sourced from Fluorescent Ranch in Grand Mesa, CO.

Juniper is a plant that is often used for protection. It is also utilized in the cleansing of ritual spaces and/or tools. It is a helpful aid in dispelling negative energy as well as a means of improving focus and concentration. There is an established association between juniper and divination.

Blue sage, also called “grandmother sage” is used to cleanse negative energy. It is also used in exorcism rituals to remove the influence of malevolent entities. It can be used as an aid for meditation practices or simply for personal enjoyment!

White sage is also referred to as “grandfather sage”. Its primary use is for protection and it is often used in cleansing rituals. It can be utilized as an aid for meditation practices or simply for personal enjoyment!


How to use your sage
(Before lighting, make sure you have a safe place to put your smudge stick when it is burning! Make sure to choose something flame-resistant such as ceramic or stone. Avoid paper, rubber, and other flammable materials. It can be beneficial to choose a vessel that has special significance to you.) 

  • The first step is intention-setting. The intention behind any ritual is the driving force that produces results. Any and all effects will come, at their core, from your own mind. 
  • Now that you’ve got your intention set, you can begin by opening at least one door/window. This will keep the room from becoming too smoky as well as serve as an exit pathway for any energies that are being cast out. 
  • Light one end of the sage stick. It can help to use an open flame such as a candle. After it catches, wait for a few moments before blowing out the flame at the end of the sage. It should begin to smolder and produce smoke. If the smoke ceases before you are finished with your ritual, carefully light the end once more. 
  • Waft the smoke through your space in whatever way feels right for you, per the intention you set in the beginning. Do take care to remember that you are holding a burning object! You may want to hold a small fireproof dish or abalone shell to catch any ashes or embers as you go about your cleansing. 
  • When you’re finished, place the sage onto the safe surface you chose in the beginning. You can extinguish it by pressing it gently onto the dish or allow it to go out on its own. 

After your cleansing ritual, you may choose to put forth your own positive intentions into the fresh, clean space.


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