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Original illustrations are hand crafted by Amanda Maldonado with pen and ink in Longmont, CO. 
Every postcard comes with a secret note written in a tiny font on the back!
Learn more about Amanda on Instagram (@Coy.Ink)

Prairie Dog Kiss Postcard
5in x 5in postcard on 130lb cardstock.
“Prairie dogs often greet each other with a kiss or nuzzle to determine if the other is friendly. They’re also a keystone species with over 150 species that benefit from their existence.”

Bunny Slide Postcard
7in x 3.5in postcard on 130lb cardstock.
“Rabbits often depend on prairie dog & ground squirrel holes for their dens rather than digging their own.”

Hummingbird Postcard
5in x 4in postcard on 130lb cardstock.
“These little birds fly as far north as Alaska in the summer and as far south as Mexico in the winter making it the longest migration in relation to its body length than any other bird.”

Sleepy Fox Postcard
5in x 4in postcard on 130lb cardstock.
“A vixen (female fox) sometimes receives help raising her young from her non-breeding sister or a female kit from a previous litter. This gives the “aunts” experience in how to raise their own young.”

Baby Raccoon Postcard
5in x 4in postcard on 130lb cardstock.
“Did you know that raccoon paws are so sensitive that they can effectively see with their hands? According to National Geographic, 75% of the part of their brain is that processes sensory signals is devoted to touch.”

Silly Goat Postcard
5in x 4in postcard on 130lb cardstock.
“These little guys originated from West Africa. They average only 23 inches in height but can easily jump a 5 ft fence.”

Gilda the Llama Postcard
6in x 4in postcard on 130lb cardstock.
“Llamas are very loyal to their herd. Because of that, some farmers will use llamas in place of guard dogs to protect their sheep and other livestock against predators.”

Happy Pig Postcard
5in x 4in postcard on 130lb cardstock.
“Mama pigs sing to their young while they nurse through a series of grunts. They also assign piglets to a specific teat when nursing.”

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Happy Pig, Hummingbird, Prairie Dog Kiss, Silly Goat, Bunny Slide (Color), Sleepy Fox (Color), Gilda the Llama, Baby Raccoon


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