Chrysalis Tarot


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This richly-colored, mystical deck features scenes to energize your psychic intuition as well as your imagination. Otherworld characters and mythological archetypes are illustrated beautifully, meant to help guide you along your spiritual journey. Both the Major and Minor Arcana are rendered with fantastical charm that is sure to invigorate you spiritually.

The Minor Arcana is comprised of the following four suits:

  • Stones (Pentacles)
  • Mirrors (Cups)
  • Spirals (Wands)
  • Scrolls (Swords)

The Court Cards introduce a delightful troupe of medieval messengers, meant to inspire you and encourage you to follow your dreams.

This deck includes 78 cards as well as a 60-page booklet.
Included are instructions for a five-card Pentagram Spread.

Chrysalis Tarot was selected by Tarot Professionals Worldwide as the Tarot Deck of the Year in 2014
The deck also won the COVR award for Best Tarot Deck in 2015


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