Don’t worry, we’re still the same Magic Fairy Gifts!

Our goal is to make thing as easy as possible for you, so we’re getting a little more specific to reduce confusion between Magic Fairy Candles and our little gift shop.

Magic Fairy Candles makes the magic. We help sell it to our community.

We used to do it in the same building! A decision to split the businesses was made – Magic Fairy Candles continue to sell their magical and amazing goods at 634 Main Street. The GIFT SHOP (us) decided that a commercial space located in the heart of Downtown Longmont would suit us better.  Because of Corona-virus Pandemic regulations, we are waiting for the perfect space to open up for us. For now, we are only offering online services.

Where can you buy Magic Fairy products? Both websites! Directly from lovely Kim and the wonderful production team: Magic Fairy Candles or if you need Magic Fairy products AND gifts: Magic On Main (this website!)


Our Mission

We’re here to give Longmont a dose of special magic that can’t be found anywhere else! We also pride ourselves on supporting local artists and giving back to our community.